What Does The Bible Say About Leadership?

Loving Leadership

Mike Benson, editor of KneEmail, included a list of responses to leadership in marriage:

When a male leads, a female follows. When a man carries out his God-given responsibility for leadership, a woman responds by following his lead. Leadership does not mean being bossy, always telling others what to do. Good leaders lead by example, not by decree. Jesus led by example, and so did Moses, Peter, Paul, and all the other great leaders in the Bible. Leading by example means doing ourselves the things we wish others to do.

Finish Well to Win

Robert Clinton has done extensive research in the area of biblical leadership. He has determined that there are approximately three hundred leaders chronicled in the Bible. In 1990 he studied one hundred of the most prominent of them. To his dismay, he discovered that less than one in four of these leaders finished well. Leadership in any arena is difficult, but it is especially rough among spiritual leaders because of Satan’s attacks which accompany the job. The odds of finishing may be against those in ministry, but with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). – Seven Habits of Effective Church Leaders


Going Where The Puck Is Going

One of the most profound sports quotes I have heard is attributed to professional hockey great, Wayne Gretzky. He was once asked why he was such a prolific scorer and his response was to the effect: I go where the puck is going, not where the puck has been. The profundity of that statement certainly has relevant application to the Lord’s church. Does the leadership of the local congregation have a vision for the future of the work, or are they looking back over their shoulder to where the puck has been, thereby missing opportunities for growth and increased effectiveness as times move on?



Biblical Leadership Styles by Tom Holland

  • They are observant and thoughtful.
  • They don’t give in to ridicule.
  • They adapt to address potential threats.
  • They fix problems when they see them.
  • They bring their people back to the Word of God.
  • They make personal sacrifices.
  • They are prayerful and compassionate.
  • They see potential in people.
  • They leave great examples for others to follow.
  • Good leaders train the people who will one day replace them.



Biblical Leadership: Role Models

  • Leaders must not become passive figureheads
  • They must not be reactionary leaders
  • They must not lead as dictators
  • They must not be reluctant to lead
  • They must not be extremists
  • And they must not limit their responsibility solely to decision-making



Constructive Leadership

Part 1  Part 2

Constructive leadership is:

  • Communicative
  • Candid
  • Collaborative
  • Challenging
  • Concerned
  • Credible
  • Convincing
  • Committed
  • Confident
  • Courageous
  • The goal of all leaders should be to please God, no matter what



A Leader’s Work by David Shannon

God designed leaders to take care of the concerns people cannot deal with on their own. If we stop caring about people’s problems, we are not fit to be a leader any longer. We must remain focused on our ultimate goal of helping people reach heaven, or our work will be worthless. No matter how briefly a person might be under our leadership, we must help them grow spiritually in the time they are with us.

We must not ask people to do things simply because we don’t want to do them ourselves, and personal gain should never be the purpose behind any request we make of our congregation members.



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